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Consignment is an awesome way to sell your vehicle and get more money for it with no hassle. Many people are unfamiliar with it but it is where a licensed car dealer (like Tazewell Motors) sells your car on your behalf-similarly to a real estate agent selling your home. It's monitored by the Secretary of State so your vehicle is protected but most dealer's refuse to consign on their lot, but Peoria Motors embraces working with our local community! You still own your vehicle and you place it on our lot and we become your "salesperson". It's safer for you so you don't put yourself at risk meeting strangers in remote places at night or giving them your address. We also often times can sell the vehicle for MORE MONEY than you can because we are a dealer and everyone knows that a dealership can charge more for a vehicle than a private person can. We are experts in automotive sales and can sell it quickly and we can get you MORE money for your vehicle!  We are open over 60 hours per week and can spend the time with difficult buyers helping sell your vehicle so you don't have to. We market your vehicle on numerous online sites (including ones you can't), in magazines and newspapers, radio, we sponsor area time including the Rivermen, Chiefs and many school teams and park district teams and of course, we have 35,000 cars every day that drive by our car lot--now that's great exposure for us to sell your vehicle! We will sell your car quickly and for MORE money. There is also a tax benefit to the buyer of your vehicle in the fact they are buying from you, a private seller, so they don't pay the high tax rate to the state. Everybody wins! We do all of the work! How can you go wrong?


Consignment is probably the smartest way to sell a vehicle! You still own your vehicle but you "hire" us to sell it for you so you don't have to spend the time, deal with rude buyers and have to worry about the safety issues of selling it yourself. We are at our location about 60 hours every week and we are auto sales experts so we can sell your vehicle quickly and for more! You use a realtor to sell your house because they are experts and know how to market your home--the same applies for your vehicle and Tazewell Motors can help!


How much does it cost is the big question right?!? Well, good news-most of the money is only due when/if it sells! The total cost is 10% of the price of the vehicle with a minimum of $500 and a maximum of $1,500 due to the dealership. For all vehicles the upfront fee is $250--that pays for all of the marketing we do. We also recommend a detail of your vehicle but that's optional but--cleaner, nicer cars sell faster and for more money! We offer a discount on details on consignments but again that's optional.


Then, WHEN the car sells--you pay us the balance of the fee which is 10% total of the sales price with a minimum of $500 and a maximum of $1500. (The $250 deposit is subtracted out first.) Examples:


So, a $5,000 vehicle or less, would cost you a total of $500 ($250 down and $250 when sold.) A $10,000 vehicle would be $1,000 total ($250 down and $750 when sold.) Anything over $15,000 sale price is a total of $1,500, the $250 down and $1,250 when sold. (If it doesn't sell or you take the vehicle back you don't owe us anymore at all.)


*One important thing to remember is that your same vehicle ON OUR CAR LOT is worth MORE than you selling it. Typically, the selling price on our lot is more than enough to cover the cost of the consignment fee, so you actually can even MAKE MORE MONEY by letting us sell it for you. So more money and less time and hassle for you. Pretty simple.


If your vehicle doesn't sell after 90 days or if you decide not to sell it, you can come pick it up and you don't owe us any additional money--so the total cost would only be the $250 initial fee. I should say here that you don't have to wait the whole 90 days. It's YOUR vehicle so at any time if you want/need it back it's yours! But we WANT to sell your vehicle and we will work hard to do so!


I know you want and need more info before you decide so call or email me and we'll discuss if consignment makes sense for you! It doesn't cost a penny to gather information about consigning and you would be surprised how many people choose to do it once they truly understand how affordable it is and how many benefits there are! You can even consign if you have a loan on your vehicle! (We just have to tell your lienholder we are putting it on the lot!)


Here's some comments from previous customers about their experience with us:


John E. of Peoria says:
"Recently I had the pleasure of working with David Norman of Peoria Motors to sell my 2011 Porsche. He made the sale very easy and convenient for me; He secured the buyer, negotiated the price, and made it an easy transaction. He delivered on his promises and kept in contact with me while I had the car up for purchase. I unhesitatingly recommend David and Peoria Motors to anyone wishing to sell their vehicle! He is trustworthy and does what he says he will do and stays in communication with you as a customer until you are satisfied with the transaction. He really knows the car business!"


Jessica S. of Washington says:
Peoria Motors did a fantastic job selling my SUV. All of the work was done for me and as a single mom I was concerned about the safety of trying to sell it myself. David negotiated a fair price and was super helpful! My Durango was sold in about two weeks for the price I wanted out of it. I highly recommend the consignment program at Peoria Motors.


Donnia D. of East Peoria says:
David worked unbelievably quickly--he sold our Crossfire in a week! At first we didn't really know what consignment was but after David explained the benefits it was a great option for us. We are snowbirds and David sold our car for us while we were in Texas traveling! He even got more than our minimum amount! Thanks David!


We have vehicles on our lot ranging from about $2,500 to $30,000 at any time. We take great pride in what we do here at Peoria Motors and you will be impressed with our consignment program, our moving company and detail shop and the quality and price of our pre-owned vehicle selection. We are open Monday through Saturday every week.


I'd be happy to help you sell your car!


David Norman, Owner 309-229-4651 cell, anytime!


P.S. One thing I wanted to share with you just to sort of give you an idea of the way we treat our customers and how we strive to be fair and honest here at Tazewell Motors. The question may have crossed your mind as to why other dealers don't consign vehicles on their car lot--and I'll tell you why. Car dealers as a general rule are very greedy. They have huge overhead and pay numerous managers and they want to make $3,000 to $10,000 on every car they sell. Consignment doesn't even come close to that so they don't like it! But we love consignment at Tazewell Motors! Most dealers lowball you on trade-in, then charge thousands more for that same vehicle when they sell it. They charge high doc fees (which they say are state fees but they are not) and they are constantly trying to sell you more stuff so they can make more money like extended warranties, paint protection, tire protection, credit life and GAP insurance and what not. We don't do that because we don't have to. We don't need to make 5 grand off of one customer. Yes we have to make a small profit for our work but we don't need to cheat people out of money to earn a fair amount for our work here. This is the backbone of our business model--treating customers fairly, honestly and with respect and building a long relationship with them and word-of-mouth referrals. This is what we are about. Great products and services at great prices! We hope to hear from you!